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Sports without Limits

‘Sports without Limits’ is a program created by Chinese University of Hong Kong and sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It began in 2019 and continued until 2021. It was designed to aid children with disabilities to help them lead an active life through sports and exercise; adjusted to the individual’s needs.

This program would be introduced through primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and also available to individuals via parental means.


PACA&CO. was asked to create a visual identity that represent the name Sports without Limits, meaning there is no boundaries or restrictions for sport or sport related activities. Several design ideas were presented to CUHK and the chosen logo design derived from two interacting graphic figures forming the letter ’S’ in Sports.

PACA&CO. continued to work with CUHK on this program, producing marketing material, communication pieces online and for print. Promotional merchandise including: draw string bag, sports towel, award medals and many more.


Sports without Limits




Non-profit program

Type of Work

Visual identity


Promotional materials

Using a selection of colour palettes, photography typography and graphic icons to produce digital posters; for classes, events and competitions.

Colour purple and pink was the key brand colours, these were used as accent colours in trophy and medal design.

The Sports without Limits website is a portal to access news and information, events and classes available. 

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