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The TradeDesk

‘A media buying platform built for the open internet’. Enabling marketers to purchase the most relevant and effective advertising spaces across the world. Leveraging data allows the buyer the knowledge of where, when and how to make the most of their advertising opportunities.


The TradeDesk Inc.




Media buying platform

Type of Work

Web banners & EDMs

Exhibition displays


Case studies

Between 2016-18 The TradeDesk Asia office worked with PACA&CO. We were their brand guardian, producing everything from digital marketing, communication pieces and promotional materials for the APAC region. We helped conceptualise their spaces in major exhibits in Singapore and Japan. Designing engaging pieces promoting their latest products and offerings.

We produce many communication pieces that was used to explain The TradeDesk products and propositions. These were available in many channels, from articles in Campaign Asia website to downloadable PDF case studies.

A pocket book survival guide was produced and given to all advertising executives across Asia. This booklet was written in multiple languages (English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Japanese and Korean). It contained explanations from acronyms to technical terms. Graphic icons and infographics were used to help illustrate the copy. This book was a great way to help explain some technical  information in an informal and creative way.

Visibility and drawing attention to the exhibition booth was the key to the design of this space. Large graphic backdrop promoting the latest product offerings.

Certain marketing strategies were used to attract advertising executives. Branded merchandise were used as prize give aways.

Case studies were important sales items and pitching material. Current events and topics were often used as talking points, and opportunities to gain data for advertising strategies.

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