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Pak Lam (格林)

A health supplements brand from Germany; that target towards all vital organs and body. From Brain, Liver, Kidney, Heart and Bladder and many others. This comprehensive range of health supplements is designed to give the body an essential health boost. 


Pak Lam (格林)




Health Supplement

Type of Work


The packaging is named in Chinese; set vertically in a heavy font. The name of the packaging is ‘強力’; which means ’Strength’. Every supplement has the same consistent number of characters making it visually balanced. Such as ‘強力前列強’ or ‘強力腦活素’. Each supplement has their individual colour and illustration. Which made the supplement easily identifiable.

The design is simple, colourful and bold. This set of packaging has great presence, and stands out on shelf and display counter when placed alongside each other.

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