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Jab Jab

Jab Jab is a new Japanese Restaurant and Bar located in Central, Hong Kong. The restaurant aims to provide a relaxed dining experience with a cozy atmosphere for social gathering.

Located in Stanley Street, Central. This stylish Japanese Restaurant serves up a variety of high quality authentic Japanese cuisine; From freshly made Sushi and Sashimi to delicious cooked food including Donburi, Yakitori and Tempura.

The naming of this restaurant was thought up by the owners, who wanted to create a brand that reflects fun and casual dining and drinking experience. The name ‘Jab Jab’ is the sound that one makes when enjoying their delicious food.

The logo design is simple yet modern, the name is typeset in lowercase in light and bold. To emphasis eat and drink the use of Japanese characters are placed in the negative space of the letter ‘b’; Combining Japanese characters into the roman letters. The overall look and feel of the logo is fun, modern and informal. Reflecting the owner’s intention and casual outlook.


Jab Jab




Restaurant & Bar

Type of Work

Branding & Design

Jab Jab’s lunch time menu consists of a daily special. Offering dinners some delicious and great value meals. For dinner it’s a much larger selection from their à la carte menu. A selection of fine wines and sakis is also offered from their drinks menu.

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