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Physical Literacy Academy for Children and Youth is a program committed to the promotion and advancement of the concept of physical literacy in the Greater China Region.







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Visual identity

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PLACY® is the first sport-related social enterprise to provide a platform for the younger generation to have an earlier realization of their

physical conditions and sport talents through the assessments and enhance the awareness of the

importance of sports and physical literacy throughout individuals’ lives.

Prof. Raymond Kim-wai SUM is the brainchild of PLACY®. An Associate Professor at the Department of Sport Science and Physical Education at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prof. SUM and his team of staff created this program to study, assess the physical growth and capabilities of young people.

Starting point with the name PLACY®. As the program involves young people and the name resembles the word ‘PLAY’. We began exploring the different design treatments and options. Using vibrant colours and san serif typefaces to create different logotypes. Some options with word marks only and some with graphic symbols.

After several rounds of design stages and modifications and client’s input. We concluded the final logo design to this logotype. Typeset in uppercase in blue with two graphic figures reaching for the seven pointed star that stands for the seven stages within their framework.

A visual identity guideline was created to give some basic rules for the use of logotype and graphic elements. An important tool to maintain some visual integrity when producing promotional materials or communication pieces for print and on-screen.

For each child or youth under this program. At the end of the session an assessment score card is presented to the individual on their abilities. 

‘Star symbol’ is dervied from the

logo. This star symbol is to be used

as a graphic device. The star symbol

was an essence to our idea. Like

an asterisk (*). Highlighting a message or an image.

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