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Gym Aesthetics 3x3 Basketball Championship

In 2023 Gym Aesthetics and Chinese University of Hong Kong joined forces to create a half court (3X3) basketball championship; The competition was to be held at CUHK campus. Top performing primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong were invited to compete.  


Gym Aesthetics




3x3 Half Court



Type of Work

Logo design

We were tasked to create an eye catching logo for the championship, it would be used on all kinds of promotional and marketing materials; From digital banners to wall back drops, trophies and medals, etc…

PACA began researching some basketball tournaments graphics, and in particular the half court game. From there a selection of designs were proposed, each with its unique design, ideas and features. In the end the final design chosen was the  ‘3X3’ butterfly logo.

The design incorporated the 3X3 element inspired by FIBA logo. A silhouette of a ball player sits in the middle of the 3X3 creating a graphic that resembles a butterfly and the GA logo.


This idea is based on the famous quotation ‘Float like a butterfly sting like a bee’ by boxer ‘Muhammad Ali’. Even though this was a boxing related quote, the ethos is relatable because of the speed and agility needed to play and compete in 3x3 half court basketball. 

The logo is made up of a few elements. Primarily the 3x3 butterfly motif; Then a holding device is extended from the left of the motif in dark blue. Gym Aesthetics logo and competition descriptor is set within the holding device. A hint of ball graphic is shown in the holding device.

As well as the logo design PACA was asked to design a basketball kit for the competitors. Several designs were submitted and the final design incorporates a large motif super graphic. The kit was produced in two colour ways (blue and white).

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