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Yick Wah

Yick Wah is a long standing family run toy manufacturing business in Hong Kong and China, they specialise in hand puppet toys and accessories for kids.


Yick Wah




Children’s toys

Type of Work

Packaging design

PACA&CO. was commissioned to design a range of puppet toy packaging. Majority of which were open packs revealing the contents (puppet(s)) inside. Box sizes range from single puppet boxes to multiple puppets with theatre display and accessories.

The range of toys are mostly based on old fable characters, the manufacturing process have largely been unchanged for many years. Puppet faces are decorated by hand. Our client wanted to refresh their old image and packaging designs with some new ideas and graphics; Something bright and colourful and not too stuffy. Bringing some fresh ideas and appeal to this long established toy. 

We recognised puppet toys is mainly about creative play, imagination and story telling. There is a certain element of improvisation, self input and hands-on element with this toy; And it would be ideal to have these qualities in the design.

The design we proposed and loved by our client was a child like hand drawn village scene with vibrant use of colours. The attractive design invites the viewer to take a closer look at the drawing and the product. The packaging has dual purpose, other than housing the toys, some packaging can also be used as props and theatre backdrops.

We also designed graphics for the theatre boards with decorative signs and lettering for the theatre.

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