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Les Bleuets

Les Bleuets is a newly formed Football Training Club based in Hong Kong. The club aims to provide football training and after school tuition for school children between the ages of 6-15.


Les Bleuets Hong Kong




Football club

Type of Work

Visual identity


Promotional materials

Les Bleuets is a French cornflower, 
its distinctive blue colour symbolises solidarity during the war. This little blue flower was used to commemorate those who fought. Therefore it has very high regards in French society.

The owner wanted to utilise this name for his football club and put forward his French heritage. The blue flower must feature within the logo. However the logo must work on print and on-screen and most importantly on Football kits also.

Many designs were put forward to the client; from simple round patches to more elaborate heraldry. The client eventually decided on a classic shield design encompassing ‘Les Bleuets’ flower, a football and ‘Le Tricolore’.

The kit is an integral part to promoting the ‘Les Bleuets’ brand. The client wanted the kit to perform and stand out from others. He decided to have ‘La Marinère on his kits; Inspired by French sailor’s top. The final design is a stylish football kit that really looks the part.

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