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Octopus Card

Octopus Card is a value store card. Launched in 1997 to provide a cashless transaction across main public transport in Hong Kong. This system is now available in convenient stores, restaurants and high street retailers.


Octopus Cards Limited




Value added cards

Type of Work

ESG Report

Octopus Cards Limited approached PACA&CO. to produced their first ESG report (Environmental Social and Governance). This report would encompass all the work and services Octopus Cards Limited offers in Hong Kong. Providing our community easy access across all daily lives, from public transport, security access, day-to-day amenities and many more. Octopus Card also runs subsidy schemes for the disabled, and people in need. It also supports many charities in Hong Kong. 

Our task was to come up with a creative design that reflects the continuous good work and social impact Octopus Card has on our society.


PACA&CO. came up with a simple graphic style that illustrates the many aspects of Octopus Card. Taking the ‘Möbius strip’ or letter ‘8’ featured in the Octopus Cards identity; This gave inspiration to the report cover. The cover illustrates the mobility and the economic impact it has on Hong Kong.

The report continues with the many business aspects. From convenient cashless transactions, mobile phone apps, technological advancements, and Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on our lives and business.

The report cover is based on the Octopus Card logo the ‘Möbius strip’. It represents the continuous movement and the lives of Hong Kong.

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