World Health Organization

Western Pacific Region


Background: Design a campaign to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance (drug resistance diseases) – aimed at medical professionals.


Approach: To set out and create a very distinctive look that highlighted key facts and solutions through simple messaging for an audience whose time is limited (medical professionals) and English as a secondary language. This reflected the diverse regional languages and cultures; Also where internet access is limited.

Solution: Key facts and information in a printed form packaged in a folder – Simple and clear design, with key facts, info-graphics and charts. A downloadable PDF option was also available. The format is designed to be updated or expanded.

 “They have designed a report I wrote for a third-party client and the whole process went very smoothly. Their design work was top-notch and they were very calm under pressing deadlines. Always very responsive to comments and requested changes from myself and the client. The end product was very well-received.


Jane Parry

Public health writer and researcher

Parry, From & Associates Ltd.