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Warmhearters 暖心族

Promotional / Events


Brief: Warmhearters (暖心族) is a non-profit Hong Kong charity dedicated to helping school children of Yunnan Province, China. The proceeds go to help children in these remote mountain regions where resources are limited. Fund raising projects has helped purchase new blankets for cold winter months, building canteen facilities to provide hot meals, farming equipment to cultivate crops, boilers for hot water and much more. Warmhearter’s was organising it’s first music concert in May 2012. The event was held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic’s theatre, we developed all promotional materials from posters, programmes, adverts and merchandises for this main event.

Solution: The challenge was to create a design that promotes the event, but many of the acts were not signed or confirmed. So the promotional materials were released in stages. At first a musical symbol was created as a logotype using photo montages of the school children of Yunnan. In later stages the pictures of performing artist would be added to the symbol.


Outcome: In a short space of time and with limited budgets, we created positive marketing materials that highlighted and led to a successful concert production, raising awareness of the NGO and good work that they do.


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