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The Trade Desk Inc. 

Programmatic for Advertising

Background: is a US tech company specialising in B2B programmatic solutions from big data, analytics and user insights that targets advertising more directly. The company has recently set up an APAC regional office for which we have been commissioned to develop ongoing B2B brand and awareness strategy.


  1. Develop brand awareness with a regional (APAC) distinction – understanding that the market has differing and cultural diversity, across a diverse range of media. 

  2. Educate potential clients about programmatic advertising and the benefits for increased ROI; As this is relatively new tech for advertising.



  • Research & build the brand from a Western to APAC focus

  • Develop a regional presence and identity

  • Develop a regional 'twist' that speaks to business

  • B2B focus - focus on brand and advertising agencies

  • Engage with stakeholders

  • Spotify at Spikes Asia Co-sponsor (events) brand integration: expo.


  • Event concepts

  • Event concepts with co-sponsors (e.g: Spotify)

  • Enhance case studies and information sources, that engage clients

  • Develop Campaign Asia web content

  • Digital marketing

  • Research and increase regional photography image stock

  • Develop templates and brand consistency for marketing other collateral

  • Develop templates and designs that engage the user/business

  • Develop a human/emotive brand that overcomes perceptions of the tech industry

  • Educate through awareness 

  • Develop a visual language that speaks to the region 

  • Expand visual iconography for information clarity and user readability.

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