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Sounds ‘n’ Stories
Phonics Learning Materials


Brief: Design and update second edition phonic books and all supporting materials.

Approach: A tight deadline to meet the 2015 Hong Kong Book Fair, of which the books will be launched and sold to the public; In addition other products including audio CDs, DVDs, box-set and merchandises. Afterwards we developed an e-commerce website targeting towards school teachers and parents to explain the basics of phonics. To help promote and sell the books and all complementary materials from CDs, DVDs, YouTube clips, etc…  

Solution: Working closely with the client and planning carefully the priorities and timelines for each item.

Outcome: Making learning a fun and interactive process. A set of 12 beautifully illustrated phonic books with supporting materials such as CDs and DVDs that are available online.

“Aside from their graphic sense, shared expertise and basic all round technical ability and aesthetic competence, PACA&CO use that extra ingredient which sets them apart from others: they care.”


Wayne James

Founder and Director

Sound ‘n’ Stories

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