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Liberty Asia


Brief: Liberty Asia a Hong Kong based NGO; is developing a range of workable solutions that raised the awareness to the prevalence of human trafficking in Asia and how it can be combatted. Develop a CMS website and content with a range of criteria: online forum and networking hub, education portal, legal hub, events & awareness campaigns, downloads, donation & log-in criteria, in x5 Asian languages – through a consistent and flexible identity.


  • Branding

  • Drupal content management system (CMS)

  • Front-end content creation to drive traffic

  • UI and site architecture

  • Legal hub

  • Galleries with artists profiles, and downloadable content

  • Publication & resource downloads

  • Network hub and profile feed

  • 5 Asian language variations

  • Site maintenance and consultation

  • Social media feeds

  • Donations

  • Registration criteria

  • Online reporting section & helpline

  • Responsive.

Education: Expanding on the main website, we were asked to develop a sub-site for education and awareness, to develop a more comprehensive anti-slavery approach through awareness and education. 



  • Awareness brands

  • Drupal content management system (CMS)

  • UI and site architecture

  • Education modules and teacher notes

  • Variable content integration (video, audio, galleries, downloads, etc…)

  • Interactive PDFs modules with video, links, navigation, etc…

  • Design and develop educational material (print & web)

  • English language (with ideas to expand to others)

  • Site maintenance and consultation.

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