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Brief: Legend interior design is a Hong Kong based interior design agency working with high profile clients in the region. Produce several concepts for a product and sales brochure that re-engages the brand with potential clients.

Approach: Instead of a typical bulky hardcover property and sales brochure common to Hong Kong. We took the root of a slender, lightweight and beautifully produced brochure that allows for postage, easy to carry away, with a look and feel that represents and draws on design ethos of Legend.


Outcome: Concepts that build, enhance the Legend brand. Using high-end interior photography that draws attention, accompanied by minimal text. This allowed the beautiful interior to speak for itself.

Unit 29, 14th Floor, Block B, Wah Lok Industrial Centre, 
39-41 Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, Hong Kong

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