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I want to be the moon

Sean de Sparengo 

A personal project in collaboration with the highly regarded British photographer Sean de Sparengo. Sean took off from his busy schedule in London to come to China. He and his crew work tirelessly 
photographing portraits of school children in the remote villages in Yunnan. Sean was able to capture hundreds of amazing pictures, the theme of this project was to record the children’s faces and ask what they dream to be one day. The end result was a set of beautiful portraits and captioned with their dreams. The results were amazing, in the end one of the most enticing dreams became the title of this project ‘I want to be the moon’. The images were produced in large print format and shown in exhibition throughout Hong Kong. Prints were sold and proceeds went back to the charity ‘Warmhearters’.

Approach: In four days we visited three schools in the remote mountains of Yunnan. The shoot was intensive because it was outdoors, 
weather and light dependant; As well as hundreds of excitable children waiting for their big opportunity. Our crew had the task to pick out some canidates to shoot and interview them for their dreams. However there was always some interference by the teachers, dictating to the children and telling them what to write. When we were getting the same dreams from the girls wanting to be teachers or nurses and boys wanting to be soldiers or police. Somehow we were able to divide the teacher’s attention and the feedback was beautiful and sometimes poetic.


Outcome: A set of quality portraits along with the children’s dreams. Raising awareness and some money for the Warmhearters charity. Whilst putting beautiful pictures on show in Hong Kong for the public to see. It was an all round success.

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