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Habitat for Humanity
Global NGO


Brief: Brochure concept, development and interactive PDF. Insights from the stakeholders formed the basis of the content with aim of being accessible to all. The direction wanted to move away from the typical perceptions to using positive imagery.

Approach: Colours, and info-graphics to draw awareness to country specific issues and solutions, accessible to all stakeholders. Developing colour coding to identify specified countries which could be used in further developments of this project, highlighted with simple, clean imagery and infographics, using a visual language that could be understood by all – as this was.

Solution: Cross-cultural in a developing region. A printed brochure, and down-loadable interactive PDF (designed to be small to for slow and limited internet speeds).


Outcome: A solution that won praise for its positivity and accessibility to stakeholders across a diverse region, where English is not the first language, and where internet connection is limited.


Criteria: Art direction | Brochure concept & development / interactive pdf / infographics / designed for slow internet speeds.

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