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Our clients

We have worked hard to build a great client base from Hong Kong and the UK. We have serviced many different sectors of industries and organisations, from small businesses to global enterprises. We help promote and communicate their messages through good design and great ideas.


Our approach begins by listening to our clients about their needs, aims, and aspirations. From here we research and consult; of which we recommend a number of design ideas/concepts for discussion. When a concept is chosen we develop and refine the design into real world solutions. Whether it is for visual identity (brand), reports (literature), editorial, website (UI, UX), events or product packaging the process is the same.


Our experienced team has gained valuable knowledge through research and experience of market trends, taking in consideration from the end user – which we evolve with our customers, and stakeholders.


To find out more, explore our work, or view our approach and strategy.

“I’m delighted to recommend Steffan (PACA&CO) for his outstanding design skills and for both his professionalism and his warm, thoughtful and considerate personality.”


Martin Alexander


Editor in Chief

Asia Literary Review, Hong Kong


“Aside from their graphic sense, shared expertise and basic all round technical ability and aesthetic competence, PAC&CO use that extra ingredient which sets them apart from others: they care.”

Wayne James


Founder and Director

Sounds ‘n’ Stories

Our amazing clients

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