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Asia Literary Review
Editorial / Website



  • Develop and build a functional website with CMS (Drupal content management system) for an online publication, that is accessible across a range of platforms. Also develop and update the brand across all printed and digital media

  • Update the ALR brand

  • Initial web design for tablet and desktop computers only

  • Design and layout the print and digital review.

Approach: A simple and accessible brand and design that could be used across a range of print and digital media, with a clear identity. 


Solution: A functional site, with a logical user interface (UI) that does not distract the user from the items they wish to view. A subscriber based site where users could access the on-line magazine, or download the e-pub, and print versions.

 “The team has worked with the Asia Literary Review undertaking a broad range of tasks from print, logos and layout for our website and publications. e-pub, website development & maintenance, branding, and as well as the magazine layout specialists. They have provided artwork for digital and printed projects, including book covers,


In the design imagination and energy have made it a pleasure to have them as a member of our team. They have been generous to a fault in responding at all hours to requests and questions, and when process they have been very easy to work with and their enthusiasm, pressure has mounted at the end of a project, they have invariably delivered willingly and without hesitation. 


I’m delighted to recommend them for their outstanding design skills and for both their professionalism and their warm, thoughtful and considerate personalities.” 


Martin Alexander

Editor in Chief 

Asia Literary Review 

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